My favourites from 2013!

2013 has been an awesome year... 
...I have had the honour and privilege to be part of so many wonderful wedding days and I have met some truly lovely people.  Here are some of my favourite images from the year, I hope you enjoy them.  2014 is already shaping up to be a cracking year - thank you to all my couples, past and future, and I wish you all a very Happy New Year!

Kathryn & Craig's Comlongon Wedding Photography, a Dumfries and Galloway Winter Wedding

Comlongon Winter Wedding Photographer

I love Winter weddings - crisp, dramatic light and cosy, warm interiors.  Kathryn and Craig's wedding was simply a perfect day - electric blue sky and gorgeous low sun which arced it's way through the sky during the afternoon, persevering just long enough for us to capture some really memorable photographs.  And with the mild end to this year - the grounds at Comlongon looked almost as lush as a Summer's day!  

Sarah and Nate's Dumfriesshire Wedding Photography

Scottish Borders Wedding Photographer
Sarah and Nate's families converged on the Scottish Border from either side of the Atlantic; meeting for the first time on a stunning November day, at the beautiful setting of Dumfries.

Emma & Paolo's Dumfries Wedding - Crichton Church Wedding Photography

Dumfries Wedding Photographer

Emma and Paolo's wedding was such a pleasure to photograph and so much fun - it was the perfect end to the Summer and marked my transition into Autumn weddings. This was a particularly exciting wedding, because it was the last I photographed before my (our!) own wedding. So, during the whole day, every emotion struck an extra chord.

Eleanor and Jonathan's Jesus Church and Cragwood Hotel Wedding Photography

Cragwood Wedding Photographer Lake District Wedding
Cragwood Lake District Wedding
A little rain - and a whole lotta love.

I was completely and utterly inspired that I didn't hear one complaint about the rain all day long.  In fact I was amazed at everyone's willingness to get outside in the beautiful Lakeland surrounds of the Cragwood Hotel and have their photograph taken.

Claire and Steve's Newby Bridge Swan Hotel Wedding Photography

Newby Bridge Wedding Photographer Lake District
The Swan Newby Bridge Wedding Photography
I often say that you couldn't wish for a better subject to photograph than a wedding - there's scope everywhere you look!  All you have to do is keep your eyes open and capture the moments...and with a couple as lovely as Claire and Steve, the day is a real pleasure.

Hilary and Alasdair's Argrennan Wedding Photography

Argrennan Wedding Photographer, Castle Douglas Wedding Photography, Dumfries & Galloway

Hilary and Alasdair's wedding introduced me to two new venues - the gorgeous New Abbey Church and the properly magnificent Argrennan Manor House!  Both gave gorgeous opportunities for photographs, and I'm really pleased to be able to show off Argrennan - it's a stunning location, with lovely staff, and so much scope for wedding photography.

Aimee and Chris' Broughton Craggs Wedding Photography

Broughton Craggs Wedding, Lake District Wedding Photographer, Cockermouth
Rainy wedding photography Lake District

It's always exciting to predict how a wedding day will evolve and when the highlights will occur - for Aimee and Chris' wedding the highlights just kept coming, all day long!

Gemma & Alan's Friars Carse Wedding Photography

Friars Carse Wedding Photographer | Friars Carse Wedding | Friars Carse Wedding Photography, Dumfries

Friars Carse Hotel is becoming a real favourite for me - I've spent many happy days photographing here, and for Gemma and Alan's wedding Friars Carse looked at its most stunning.
Friars Carse Weddings
My day began with the girls getting ready, and some lovely moments for wedding preparation photography - a relaxed, but excited atmosphere, and great fun as the girls from Blusha worked away with hair and make-up.

Jayne & Ed's Summer Crichton Church Wedding Photography

Dumfries Wedding Photographer | Dumfries Wedding Photography | Dumfries Summer Wedding
Crichton Church Wedding Dumfries

One of the hottest days of the year and some of the most dynamic light I've ever experienced in the Crichton Church.  A day of sun, and summer merriment provided the backdrop to Jayne and Ed's Crichton Church wedding.

Robyn and James' Haugh of Urr Church and Craigadam Wedding Photography

Haugh of Urr Church and Craigadam Wedding Photographer
Robyn and James travelled back to the UK from Australia for their Haugh of Urr wedding, and they brought the glorious weather with them!  Sun all day long, which meant great light!  As I look back through the highlights from Robyn and James' wedding at Craigadam I'm reminded of the fantastic light throughout the day - light that makes wedding photography an absolute pleasure.

Cheryl & Sean's Mabie House Hotel Wedding Photography

Mabie House Hotel Wedding Photographer Dumfries
As Cheryl's Made of Honour remarked in her speech, Cheryl & Sean have always been…'Cheryl & Sean'.  So it was really an honour to see them formalise their lives together.  Mabie House Hotel and it's grounds, in the tranquil setting of Mabie Forest, was magnificent as always, providing a beautiful backdrop for the photographs outside.  Even the rhododendrons were at full bloom tying in perfectly with Cheryl's colour scheme.  

Deborah and Douglas' Crichton Church Wedding Photography

Crichton Church Wedding Photographer Dumfries and Galloway
Reportage wedding photography - is one of the phrases I use when describing my approach to weddings (yes, I know, me and every other wedding photographer out there) - but being in the background and capturing moments as they happen in a journalistic style; is a very rewarding approach.

Stacey and Daniel's Friars Carse Wedding Photography

Friars Carse Wedding Photographer Dumfries and Galloway
Wedding photography at Friars Carse Hotel
Stacey & Daniel and their families were so friendly and welcoming that I thoroughly enjoyed my day.  Stacey & Daniel make a fabulous couple - so completely happy and in love on their wedding day.  And this was a wedding day everyone hopes for - sunny and warm, a perfect summer's day - allowing for an beautiful outdoor ceremony on the riverbank at Friars Carse.  I've spent the morning of many Friars Carse weddings looking at the sky debating whether an outdoor ceremony might be on…or…off....but there was no doubt for Stacey and Daniel's wedding - it was a wall to wall sunshine!

Ellen & Alasdair's Melrose Parish Church Wedding Photography

Melrose Parish Church wedding photographer Scottish Borders.

Ellen and Alasdair's wedding was a huge treat for me, and a real honour to be part of.  I met with Ellen and Alasdair a year prior to their wedding, and from the moment I arrived in Melrose I was hooked...  

Nuong & Barry's Mabie House Hotel Wedding Photography

Mabie House Hotel Wedding Photographer Dumfries and Galloway

Written in my notes for Nuong and Barry's wedding is the word - 'Details', then‚ 'Details, details, details'!

Sandra and Antony's Marthrown of Mabie Wedding Photography

Marthrown of Mabie Wedding Photographer, Dumfries and Galloway

Mabie Forest Wedding

I used to wonder if life as a wedding photographer would turn into 'Groundhog Day'.

But no chance, you guys out there are just too imaginative to ever let that happen.  I so look forward to those unique twists every bride and groom give to their day.  And it's wonderful to see how personal every wedding can be.
So, taking this to the next level here's Sandra and Antony's 'Wedding in the Woods' - stand by to be amazed!

Gemma & Kevin's Moffat House Hotel Wedding Photography

The Moffat House Hotel always Inspires - and never ceases to surprise me.  Every wedding I photograph at the Moffat House creates such a different atmosphere and the photographs are always unique.

Gemma and Kevin's ceremony was held outside, on the lush green lawn, beneath the hotel's magnificent ancient oak tree.

And being a Moffat Wedding Photographer - it's always lovely to photograph a wedding so close to home, and Gemma, Kevin, their family and guests were a really fun bunch - we captured some lovely moments, and looking through these highlights really shows what a great day was had by everyone.

The light was soft throughout the day and was capped off by a beautiful summer's evening, with warm golden sun illuminating the hotel grounds.

Congratulations Gemma and Kevin, here's my selection of highlights from your day.

Kate and Rob's Threave Gardens Wedding Photography

Wedding photographer Threave Gardens, Castle Douglas wedding.

I was thrilled when Kate and Rob contacted me to photograph their wedding in Threave Gardens.  My first wedding at Threave had been a magical day and I'd been looking forward to returning ever since.  

Jacqui & Duncan's Orroland Lodge Wedding Photography

Orroland Lodge wedding photographer Solway coast, Dumfries and Galloway.

Spring and Summer - rolled into one for an amazing day of Solway Coast wedding photography, for Jacqui and Duncan.  The weather gave a spectacular flourish of sun - with it all the freshness of Spring bluebells, punctuated by rosettes of wild garlic and the warm romantic light of a Summer's day.

Emma & Chris' Inn on the Lake Wedding Photography

Lake District Wedding Photographer, Inn on the Lake, Ullswater

Preparation before a wedding - is crucial.   And I always like to be ready for any eventuality - particularly the weather.  For a Lake District wedding in Spring - the weather can do anything, and sometimes, everything…  That's what I reminded myself before heading to Ullswater for Emma & Chris' wedding at the Inn on the Lake, Glenridding.  I was prepared for all weather conditions… and that was pretty much what we got…sun, wind, rain, more sun (with an amazing rainbow), then rain, hail, and even a dusting of snow on the hills, ending thankfully with another glorious burst of sun!

This was a wonderful wedding - with so much to photograph, the drama of the weather plus the setting at the Inn on the Lake, Glenridding and such a lovely couple… I hope I did the day justice.

Congratulations Emma and Chris - here are my selected highlights from your day.

Claire & Michael's Springkell Wedding

Springkell Wedding Photographer, Springkell Wedding Dumfries and Galloway.

'Little looks' are one thing I'm always hoping for during the wedding day.  Little looks? …those fleeting moments when someone forgets everything else and is completely spellbound by the moment - in their face you see exactly what they're feeling - unguarded, captivating and very special.

These little looks are fleeting - but they sum up the sentiment of the wedding day and when I look back through Claire and Michael's Springkell Wedding Photographs these little looks are everywhere.  From the excited expressions of Claire's bridesmaids, watching as the morning's preparations come together, to the joyful smiles of Claire's Mum and Dad - seeing her in her wedding dress.  Claire's anticipation of seeing Michael for the first time, and the pride of Claire's Dad walking her down the aisle, followed by the most fleeting of looks between them just before the wedding ceremony at Springkell.  And they continued all day - I love those little looks...

I also have a soft spot for confetti!  Many congratulations to you both, Claire & Michael.

Claire & Michael's Springkell Wedding by Duncan Ireland

Sarah & Chris' Pitlochry Wedding Photography

Pitlochry Wedding Photographer, loch-side at Loch Dunmore

Location, location, location… that's what they say about property - and clearly, it's pretty important for weddings too.  So when Sarah's enquiry arrived for me to photograph her wedding at the spectacular loch-side setting of Loch Dunmore near Pitlochry I jumped at the chance!

I love Spring weddings and as a wedding photographer Scotland always has the potential to amaze and inspire at this time of year - with Sarah's creativity and the unique location, I was in my  element!

An amazing backdrop, beautiful details, and some lovely traditional touches made Sarah and Chris' wedding in Pitlochry visually captivating and very moving.  The weather held, and Sarah and Chris braved the cold and I'm delighted with the images we managed to capture.

Congratulations guys and my very best wishes for your future together!

Port-na-Craig Wedding

Viki & Gerard's Lake District Wedding at the Waterhead Hotel, Ambleside

Lake District Wedding Photographer - Waterhead Hotel Wedding Photography.
Wedding Waterhead Ambleside Windermere

A Lake District Wedding - with a lovely Bride & Groom, crisp Spring light, views across snow topped hills, a wedding boat trip across Lake Windermere… sounds awesome!

Dawn & Robert's Springkell Wedding

Springkell House WeddingI've been looking forward to Dawn and Robert's wedding at Springkell ever since my first meeting with them at the venue.

Anna & Paul's St. Mary's-Greyfriars' Church & Hetland Hall Wedding, Dumfries

Anna & Paul's beautiful March wedding... in Dumfries... in the snow!

For March - snow was ... kind of unexpected, but Anna looked amazing and the wedding day was wonderful.  For a Dumfries wedding photographer, it was gusty, slippery, and the drifts over the A75 to Hetland Hall were ... ominous.  But Dumfriesshire looked beautiful in the unexpected whiteout; Anna didn't let the snow phase her at all - there was no shortage of warmth and love all around.  And the roaring fire meeting everyone at Hetland Hall was a welcome sight.

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