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Duncan Ireland | Borders Wedding Photographer | Best Wedding Photographs of 2014

Thank you to everyone who's made 2014 an amazing year… you are my highlights, and here you all are.  Awesome..!

Me, My Selfie and I

Borders Wedding Photographers | Duncan Ireland Wedding Selfies

Not always, but sometimes… I just can't resist getting in on the action!

Throughout 2014 you laughed, and cried, jumped for joy and danced the night away, and I loved the privilege of being there with you to capture it all… 

Becki & Tom's Waterhead Hotel Lake District Wedding Photography

Lake District Wedding Photographers | Duncan Ireland Photography
Waterhead Hotel Wedding Photography

"Amazing…wow what can we say, they are amazing"
~ Becki and Tom

Marian and James' Chatelherault Wedding | Hamilton

Chatelherault Wedding Photography | Hamilton Wedding Photographers

Chatelherault Wedding Photography
James and Marian's Chatelherault Wedding - 18th century grandeur,  sandstone symmetry,  box hedge artistry and surprise swordplay…!

Aileen & Ted's Autumn Dumfriesshire Wedding

Friars Carse Wedding | Dumfries and Borders Wedding Photography | by Duncan Ireland

Friars Carse Wedding Photography

 I predict a riot

…a riot...of colour..!

Golden, auburn, russets and rouge, burnt umber, ocher, rich orange, deep yellow - pumpkins glowing and sparklers burning.  Aileen and Ted's wedding lit up my Autumn and the seasonal colour of Friars Carse shone in a spectacular end to the year.  Here we are then… it's Aileen and Ted's perfect day in Dumfries and Galloway.

Sarah & Jamie's Autumn Wedding

Sarah & Jamie's Spectacular Autumn Wedding | Duncan Ireland Photography

Best Borders Wedding Photographers

Anna & Colin's Moffat & Springkell Wedding

Best Scottish Borders Wedding Photographers - Autumn Wedding | Moffat | Springkell

A beautiful treat awaiting me in Moffat... soft light, warm Autumn colour, laughter and tears, and hugs and cheers.  

The splendour of Springkell and a perfect afternoon; crisp golden leaves and crisp golden light.  Then - dance, and dance into the star-filled night… a magical day !

Best Springkell Wedding Photographers

Lake District Engagement Photos | Debbie & Chris

Lake District Engagement Shoot with Debbie and Chris.

From hill, to lake, to forest… the sound of Ugg boots crunching on Autumn leaves and laughter above the lapping of Derwent Water.  And all finishing up at Surprise View.

Lake District Wedding Photographer

Weddings in the Scottish Borders | Aliceanne & Scott

Best Scottish Wedding Photographers | Aliceanne & Scott's Autumn Wedding Photography
Scottish Borders Wedding Photography
" WOW! ...totally overwhelmed with our photographs Duncan, thank you so much!  It's so funny… how you forget little things but having the photos is just brilliant. I love them! "

~ Aliceanne & Scott

Engagement Shoot | Autumn Wedding | Aileen & Ted

Aileen & Ted's Engagement Shoot in the Moffat Hills - Sun, Autumn, Dragons 
(...well Dragonflies)

Having just photographed Aileen and Ted's wonderful Autumn Wedding, here's a ~ rewind ~ to their engagement shoot. …Colour and amazing light are why all best Scottish Wedding Photographers favour Autumn as such a special time for wedding photography.

Joanne & Gareth's Jupiter Artland Wedding Photography

Jupiter Artland Wedding Photographer | Edinburgh Wedding Photography
Jupiter Artland Wedding Photographer
Charles Jencks' swirling geometry, fused with organic form - wonderful inspiration for a wonderful wedding.

Liz & Martin's Springkell Wedding Photography

Springkell Wedding Photography by Borders Wedding Photographer Duncan Ireland
Springkell Wedding Photography

"What can we say, just awesome; we love them!"
~  Martin & Liz  ~

Jennifer and Steve's Inchcolm Island Wedding

Inchcolm Island Wedding Photographer | Edinburgh Festival Wedding

A day that was truly beyond belief!
Congratulations Jennifer and Steve - here are the highlights of your day...

Bethany & Tim's Friars Carse Wedding Photography

Friars Carse Wedding Photographer | Borders Wedding Photography

'When the green woods laugh with the voice of joy, And the dimpling stream runs laughing by; When the air does laugh with our merry wit, And the green hill laughs with the noise of it.'
~ William Blake

Friars Carse Wedding Photography

Tammy & Iain's Comlongon Castle Wedding Photography

Comlongon Castle Wedding Photographer | Borders Wedding Photography

Comlongon Castle Wedding

Along the stately Lime tree avenue, past whispering barley fields - to the Castle Keep, swooping Swallows overhead, foxy fox gloves, the Summer warmth, and gently enveloping light.

Tammy and Iain's stunning Comlongon Castle wedding - here they are…

Beth & Andrew's Kirkcudbrightshire Farm Wedding Photography

Kirkcudbrightshire Wedding Photography on Beth's Family Farm

A lot of love, a lot of rain, a little magic and not a dry eye in the house!

Lisa & Gavin's Cornhill House Wedding Photography

Cornhill House Wedding Photographer | Lanarkshire Wedding Photography
Cornhill House Hotel Wedding Photography

Cornhill House, overlooking the River Clyde, and the fabulous Lanarkshire countryside near Bigger was the stunning setting for Lisa and Gavin's wedding.  

Jenna & Ruaidhri's Castle Douglas Wedding Photography

Castle Douglas Wedding Photographer | Documentary Wedding Photography

Castle Douglas Wedding

" Ruaidhri and I just wanted to say a huge 'THANK YOU' to you for being the best wedding photographer of all time!!  

…You were a joy to have around and be around on our big day.  So many of our guests have commented on how enthusiastic but unobtrusive you were, which is just what we wanted. Thanks so much, Duncan, they look absolutely beautiful.  I think you captured the spirit of the day perfectly! … Absolutely thrilled to bits with every single shot! "

~ Jenna & Ruaidhri

Wendy & Scott's Comlongon Castle Wedding Photography

Comlongon Castle Wedding Photographer | Westsound Wedding Competition

This year's Westsound Wedding Competition has been such a great experience to be part of.  Wendy and Scott are a lovely couple, and their wedding day was filled with smiles, laughter, an outdoor ceremony, with the magnificent backdrop of Comlongon Castle!

The light was soft, the foxgloves were at their peak, swallows darted above us, and in a magnificent finale to the day the sky erupted into blue!

Debbie & Cameron's Askham Hall Wedding Photography

Askham Hall Wedding Photographer | Debbie & Cameron

Ohh Askham Hall, what delights you hold for wedding photography…

So here we go - magical make-up, big window light, widescreen TV reflections, Jimmy Choos unboxed and raring to go, bouquets and hairspray, bathroom mirror selfless... 

Angela & Andrew's Gretna, Annan & Powfoot Beach Wedding Photography

Wedding Photographer Powfoot | Solway Wedding Photography

'The sea! the sea! the open sea!, The blue, the fresh, the ever free!'

~ Bryan W. Procter

Any wedding that features a beach is always a treat - when we reached Powfoot cloud gave way to blue sky and Angela and Andrew strode out over the windswept shore…to the circular, tidal swimming pool; miles of golden sand and stunning rippled sky - ohhh a Solway wedding!

Gail & Scott's Melville Castle Wedding Photography

Scottish Wedding Photographer - Edinburgh | Melville Castle

Melville Castle provided a magnificent setting for Gail and Scott's Spring wedding.  A stunning Scottish Castle wedding backdrop for a perfect day.

Engagement Shoot | Debbie and Cameron - along the Pennine Way

Pennine Engagement Shoot

What a great afternoon - chatting wedding plans over lunch, then out onto the Fells for an afternoon's photography.

Comlongon Castle Wedding Photography | Rebecca & Gerhard's Scottish Castle Wedding

Scottish Borders Wedding Photographer
90% fun 10% serious....
That's how Gerhard and Rebecca described their wish for their wedding at Comlongon Castle....and the day sure delivered!

Kelly & Gregg's Dumfries Wedding Photography

South Scotland Wedding Photographer
If a picture is worth a thousand words - then a facial expression must be worth a million…

Looking through Kelly and Gregg's photographs brings back all the emotion of their day, written in each expression.

Donna & Matthew's Cumbria Wedding Photography

St. Thomas a Becket Church, Farlam Wedding Photographer
2014 is underway but before this year's weddings begin - here's a final wedding highlight of 2013, from the final day of 2013… it's Donna and Matthew's Hogmanay wedding in the picturesque Cumbrian setting of St. Thomas a Becket's Church, near Brampton.

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