Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Debbie & Cameron's Askham Hall Wedding Photography

Askham Hall Wedding Photographer | Debbie & Cameron

Ohh Askham Hall, what delights you hold for wedding photography…

So here we go - magical make-up, big window light, widescreen TV reflections, Jimmy Choos unboxed and raring to go, bouquets and hairspray, bathroom mirror selfless... 

Debbie and Cameron - thank you, what a wonderful wedding day - a perfect Askham Hall Wedding
Askham Hall Wedding Photography
Volcano red Morgan, engine humming

Cumbrian Wedding Venue Penrith
...high fives and homes under the hammer (!)

St. Peters Church Askham Penrith
Cumbrian Church Wedding
Morgan Wedding Car Cumbria
Penrith Church Wedding
Askham Hall Gardens Wedding Reception
Cow Parsley and Alliums, soft Summer light, and all the time in the world...

Askham Garden Photography
Spring Wedding Askham Hall
Alliums Askham
Wedding Askham
Askham Hall Allium Wedding
Askham Hall Wedding
Askham Wedding
Askham Hall Wedding
Oak beam barn reception… Blueberries sinking deep into icing, and fairy lights twinkling, gypsy caravan kissing.

Barn Wedding Cumbria
Askham Hall Barn Wedding
Then clear the barn floor - fire up the French Horn - and dance!

North England Barn Venue
Askham Hall Barn
And Dance!!

Askham Hall Wedding Barn Dancing
Askham Barn

Askham Hall, Debbie and Cameron - thank you very much for a perfect day!

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