Faye & Alan's Lodore Lake District Wedding

Lake District Wedding Photographer | Lodore Falls Hotel Wedding

Many aspects of a wedding day defy imagination, until you're there to experience them.  

I often wonder at the old expression 'giving away your daughter', it's impossible to know that heightened mixture of emotions - seldom felt or expressed, until you're there.  There, as all eyes fall on the bride, it's just possible for the onlookers not to notice the unique tenderness, glowing pride and occasional tear - from Dad.  

A very special moment in every wedding - and I have no idea how it feels, but after seeing Terry walking Faye down the aisle - I can imagine a whole lot clearer…

Congratulations Faye and Alan, it was a magical, sincere and emotional day - and a real joy to be there with you.

Duncan Ireland Photography - Fearless and Proud

Fearless Photographers Award - Collection 26

I'm delighted to have just been awarded a Fearless Award for my dancing shadows image from Gail and Scott's wedding, last year at Melville Castle.

I was struck by the shapes of the dancing guests on the ceiling of the wedding marquee. 

It took a few attempts to get a clean composition with good separation between each dancer to make a recognisable scene.  But when I saw the image preview I knew it was just what I was after.  Those gorgeous green and white lanterns give an accent of colour, and enough context to make the abstract work.

Fearless Collections are awarded every two months - the winning images are drawn from thousands, or tens of thousands of images, worldwide… so I'm very chuffed - thank you very much Fearless.

Scottish Wedding Photographer, Melville Castle Photographer, Fearless Photographer

Jennifer and Scott ~ Spring time at Springkell

Spring has arrived - And it's a wonderful thing…

Borders Wedding Photographer

Green shoots emerging, and snow drops blossoming, sprinkled rose petals, hearty breakfasts, fast cars and racing pulses…  A spectacular dress - tied with a bow, Pink Champagne to steady the nerves (and bring a few giggles : )  

Joanne & Mack's Springkell Wedding

Outside was wild and windy, but inside the warmth of Joanne and Mack's day shone, with glowing smiles, magical moments and whimsical window light…

Springkell Wedding

So many perfect moments, that were gifts for reportage wedding photography.  ...Joanne's Dad's look of excited anticipation during the morning's preparations, the effect of bagpipes on little ears, perfectly soft light on the stairs before the ceremony.  

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