Wow 2017! You were amazing...

New Year, New Gear, New Zealand, 

A deer best man, a flash-mob floor filler, Mr Bean, a water fight - a tug o’ war, a Shotgun !!  The light and the night... sunshine, sunscreen, epic shoes, a selfie or two, a few laughs, a few tears… but all were filled with joy..!  Thank you for the wonderful memories everyone.

Sidhrah & Hussain's two-day Wedding Epic

Crisp bright daylight, warm evening twilight, atmospheric nighttime candle-light, and then day-two...  Vivid colour - golds, reds, blues and greens Sidhrah and Hussain's wedding days were a stunning feast for my eyes... and lens... Here we go!

Springkell Mehndi Wedding Photographer

Lets Selfie !

2017 was a wonderful year, and I had a lot of fun...

Yes, Lisa was my first unicorn bride !  And yes - that is a Fez !  And yes... that sunglasses idea worked better than I expected !  
And oh yes - there were leeches in that water !!

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