Styled in Melrose

Styled Wedding Shoot | Melrose Styled Wedding | Melrose Wedding Photography

Best Borders Wedding Photograper Duncan Ireland

A beautiful styled shoot at the invitation of awesome Borders Photographer - Alex Martin...

Despite some super wet weather this was a great day - it was lovely to try out some creative ideas along with Alex - always inspiring to share thoughts and bounce ideas between another photographer... thanks so much for the invitation Alex and to all who took part in the day: 

Here's some 'behind the scenes' photographs and some of the final images from the day.

Engagement Shoot Time...

With the Spring approaching it's the time of year when thoughts turn to pre-wedding engagement shoots!  

Whoop - lets get creative...


I also take portraits...

And it's something I love.  But I probably don't talk about it enough.  
So here we are...  

Thank you 2018 were Epic

2018 in review | my/your/our 2018 | 2018 wedding photography review | duncan ireland photography

2018 Selfie Time

#Wedding Selfie | #Wedding Photographer Selfie | #Can't resist a wedding selfie...

Just for fun... here's my alternative look at 2018... and that cheeky fella who I photograph more frequently than anyone else ;0)

Now this isn't something I do at every wedding, but you know - when the opportunity presents...  Here are my selfies of 2018 (and a few that aren't quite selfies but hey, and a few that aren't from 2018, so just a bunch of photos really)...

Just to clarify .. Yes I really did get sun burn pretty badly through the Summer, I did not drink that Grey Goose... that umbrella really did hurt, Suzi..!, I don't know anyone called Suzi, I really do own that many waistcoats and I know - don't suit a helmet, that shadow... is a thumb!  And that bubble... oh yeah!

Liam & Simon's day on the banks of Loch Lomond

Loch Lomond Wedding | Scottish Loch Wedding | Duncan Ireland

Loch Lomond Wedding Lodge on Loch Lomond

Early Autumn light... cool blues of Loch Lomond and the warmth of a Scottish Autumn day.  A very personal and special day with Liam and Simon.  I had a wonderful day with you - thank you so much x

Nes & Oli's Autumn Springkell Wedding Photography

Springkell Wedding | Springkell Wedding Photography |Springkell Wedding Photographer

Springkell Wedding Photography Springkell Wedding Photographer

Nes & Oli and Autumn light and love and laughter and stars all the way to infinity...

Tiree & Stuart's Epic day at GG's Yard

GG's Yard Wedding Photography | GG's Yard Wedding Photographer | Dumfries Wedding Photographer

GGs Yard Wedding Photographer GG's Yard Wedding Photography

A perfect day with Tiree and Stuart - GG's Yard was such a treat for my camera and making it down to the sea was the icing on the cake - those rocks had stood for a million years... just ready and waiting ;)

Morag & Andrew's Sanquhar Wedding in the Summer Sun

Sanquhar Wedding | Summer Marquee Wedding | Summer Barn Wedding

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