Kirsty and Joe's Friars Carse Wedding - the Light Fantastic!

Friars Carse Wedding Photography by Duncan Ireland

Kirsty and Joe's Friars Carse wedding was a gorgeous day with some of the most striking morning light for preps that I can remember - bless you lovely photons… 

Followed a beautiful ceremony by the river's edge in the lush verdant grounds of Friars Carse - later it rained, and we rocked out the umbrellas, yeah… all the umbrellas!

An awesome day, with some stunning creative light for photography - I was in my element, and such a pleasure to share the day with you guys.

Friars Carse Wedding Photography

Dumcrieff House Photoshoot for Rosset Bespoke Butlers

I was recently very pleased to be asked to take part with a photo shoot at the magnificent Dumcrieff House, near Moffat.  We had a cracking day with some gorgeous light and contributions from some wonderfully talented individuals.  Thank you to everyone that took part - and for having me along.  

Rachel & Rob's Mabie House and Maxwelton Chapel Wedding Photography

Maxwelton Chapel Wedding Photographer | Mabie House Wedding Photographer | Dumfries & Galloway

Rachel and Rob's gorgeous, countryside wedding - from Maxwelton Chapel to Mabie House, and for added excitement… a whole lot of weather - sun, rain, thick cloud that sent out a funnel cloud, a glorious rainbow, and to finish the day - a red glowing sunset… red sky at night, to everyone's delight!

In between the drama of the weather we found some lovely intimate spots for couple shots - from sweeping rhododendron to a characterful rickety bridge, and (of course) just below the rainbow!

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