Sunday, 19 May 2013

Claire & Michael's Springkell Wedding

Springkell Wedding Photographer, Springkell Wedding Dumfries and Galloway.

'Little looks' are one thing I'm always hoping for during the wedding day.  Little looks? …those fleeting moments when someone forgets everything else and is completely spellbound by the moment - in their face you see exactly what they're feeling - unguarded, captivating and very special.

These little looks are fleeting - but they sum up the sentiment of the wedding day and when I look back through Claire and Michael's Springkell Wedding Photographs these little looks are everywhere.  From the excited expressions of Claire's bridesmaids, watching as the morning's preparations come together, to the joyful smiles of Claire's Mum and Dad - seeing her in her wedding dress.  Claire's anticipation of seeing Michael for the first time, and the pride of Claire's Dad walking her down the aisle, followed by the most fleeting of looks between them just before the wedding ceremony at Springkell.  And they continued all day - I love those little looks...

I also have a soft spot for confetti!  Many congratulations to you both, Claire & Michael.

Claire & Michael's Springkell Wedding by Duncan Ireland

Springkell wedding Duncan Ireland
Claire & Michael's Springkell Wedding
Sprinkell wedding

Springkell is one of the most prestigious and exclusive wedding locations in Dumfries and Galloway, full of grandeur and stately personality.   To have this beautiful home available for weddings is such a delight for anybody getting married - and what a treat for me as a photographer.  Even the weather didn't let me down- what a glorious day - blue sky all day long and as always, I was honoured to be part of the day from beginning to end.

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