Amy & Keith's Oran Mor and Glasgow Botanic Gardens Wedding Photography

Oran Mor Wedding Photography | Glasgow Botanic Gardens Wedding Photography | Duncan Ireland Photography

I've been looking forward to Amy and Keith's Oran Mor wedding all year - Oran Mor's a stunning setting for a Glasgow wedding, and it's a stone's throw from the Glasgow Botanic Gardens - what an awesome combination…

It was a day full of colour, texture and light - inspiring locations and wonderful moments for my camera.

The highlight for me (of course) were Amy and Keith and their wonderful family and friends that filled the day with laughter and love.  It was really special to be with you on your wedding day, thank you everyone - an unforgettable day at Oran Mor...

Oran Mor | Glasgow Botanic Gardens Wedding Photography

Cara & Doug's St Michael's Church & Mabie House Hotel Wedding Photography

St. Michael's Church Wedding | Mabie House Hotel Wedding | Borders Wedding Photographer

I've been so lucky this year to photograph some wonderful Autumn weddings - gorgeous colour, beautiful light and lovely couples…

Cara and Doug's day was filled with special moments, the beautiful light of the day, crisp Autumnal air, a Haka or two… dramatic skys over Dumfries and Galloway, finally giving way to an electric starry night.  Fantastic..!

Mabie House Hotel Wedding Photography

Nicola & Ross' Springkell Wedding Photography

Borders Wedding Photographer | Springkell Wedding Photographer | Duncan Ireland Photography

Autumn… the last hurrah of the year.  I love an Autumn wedding, and Nicola and Ross were lucky enough to hit the peak of the season.  

A scintillating prospect, as I arrived at Springkell I was awestruck at the colours, the light and warmth of the day - add Nicola & Ross' lovely family and friends, and this was a truly awesome day to be a part of.

Springkell Wedding Photography

Kaye & Robbie's Applegarth Church and Lockerbie Town Hall Wedding Photography

Scotland Wedding Photographer | Applegarth Church Wedding Photography | Lockerbie Town Hall Wedding Photography

When I photograph a wedding - it's such a wonderful feeling to be a small part of such an important day.  Often though - as with Kaye and Robbie's wedding I'm welcomed in so warmly that I feel more like a wedding guest than a photographer.  I'm always awed by couples that have the thoughtfulness to be so caring toward everyone else on their special day - I felt very fortunate indeed to be there with you both… 

And that was even before we reached the location for your couple shots -  Wow - Wow!!

When we met up way back, last year Kaye mentioned they had an interesting idea for their wedding photographs… I couldn't have imagined what awesomeness awaited us : )

Thank you to everyone for making me feel so welcome - and thank you Kaye and Robbie for your inspiring ideas, epic location scouting and bravery, on the muddiest road in Dumfries & Galloway…  Thank you both for a perfect day!

Eileen & Martin's Haugh of Urr and Arden House, Kircudbright Wedding

Haugh of Urr and Kircudbright Wedding Photographer | Duncan Ireland Photography

A warm Autumn day, perfect light perfect setting… Eileen and Martin's wedding day had all the ingredients for a gorgeous day.  With the autumnal countryside of the Solway, a backdrop of beautiful black and white cows and a big red surprise tractor - we were in for a wonderful day!  

Kirsty and Joe's Friars Carse Wedding - the Light Fantastic!

Friars Carse Wedding Photography by Duncan Ireland

Kirsty and Joe's Friars Carse wedding was a gorgeous day with some of the most striking morning light for preps that I can remember - bless you lovely photons… 

Followed a beautiful ceremony by the river's edge in the lush verdant grounds of Friars Carse - later it rained, and we rocked out the umbrellas, yeah… all the umbrellas!

An awesome day, with some stunning creative light for photography - I was in my element, and such a pleasure to share the day with you guys.

Friars Carse Wedding Photography

Dumcrieff House Photoshoot for Rosset Bespoke Butlers

I was recently very pleased to be asked to take part with a photo shoot at the magnificent Dumcrieff House, near Moffat.  We had a cracking day with some gorgeous light and contributions from some wonderfully talented individuals.  Thank you to everyone that took part - and for having me along.  

Rachel & Rob's Mabie House and Maxwelton Chapel Wedding Photography

Maxwelton Chapel Wedding Photographer | Mabie House Wedding Photographer | Dumfries & Galloway

Rachel and Rob's gorgeous, countryside wedding - from Maxwelton Chapel to Mabie House, and for added excitement… a whole lot of weather - sun, rain, thick cloud that sent out a funnel cloud, a glorious rainbow, and to finish the day - a red glowing sunset… red sky at night, to everyone's delight!

In between the drama of the weather we found some lovely intimate spots for couple shots - from sweeping rhododendron to a characterful rickety bridge, and (of course) just below the rainbow!

Victoria & Chris' Melrose Parish Church & Roxburghe Hotel Wedding Photography

Victoria and Chris' stunning Borders Wedding Photography at Melrose Parish Church and The Roxburghe Hotel

What can I write that can possibly do justice to Victoria and Chris' wedding… I'm not much of a wordsmith (clearly)!  I hope my photographs, can instead, do this wonderful day justice... 

I'm very privileged that I get to meet many wonderful people through photography - I see all the many facets of personalities and emotions, and meeting Victoria and Chris, and seeing how wonderfully genuine, caring and selfless they were on their wedding day was a real joy.  It was such a pleasure to share the day with you guys… 

I'm so pleased that you had a perfect day - you really deserve it.  I'm so inspired at the warmth of your personalities - and spending a day with all your closest friends and family, it was very clear that this is a real reflection of you - fantastic lovely people...  So I'll stop typing and show you one of my favourite weddings ever - Victoria and Chris' sensational day at Melrose Parish Church and The Roxburghe Hotel.  Thank you for having me along guys!

Roxburghe Wedding Photography

Tifony & William's Sensational Springkell Wedding Photography

Tifony and William's Springkell wedding was a day where superlatives almost ran dry and I had to start inventing new ones… the setting, the flowers, the shoes awesome and so much inspiration everywhere I looked.  It was a perfect day, Springkell looked sublime, everyone was in such a fun mood - it was a real pleasure to be a part of.  

So - hold onto your hats… here's Tifony and William's Springkell wedding day!

...And, oh yes, even I got in on the photographs : )

Kerri and Darren's Crichton Church and Easterbrook Wedding Photography

Dumfries Crichton Wedding Photography | Easterbrook Hall Wedding Photography | Duncan Ireland

I always love to return to the Crichton Church - so much scope for creativity, wonderful light, vibrant colour - every time I find new inspiration, new locations, and new possibilities.  Kerri and Darren's day was a gorgeous sun-blessed wedding, with everything you dream of to make a perfect occasion.  

Fun and heart-warming emotion throughout, some wonderful photographic opportunities, and as evening crept in, a stunning sunset - what more could you hope for..!  Congratulations guys - what a beautiful day.

Dumfries Crichton Church Wedding Photography

Kirsty & Chris' Friars Carse Wedding Photography

Friars Carse Wedding Photography | Friars Carse Wedding Photographer | Duncan Ireland Photography

A very welcome return to Friars Carse for me for Kirsty and Chris' wonderful riverside wedding.  It was a perfect day at the height of Summer, the riverside was lush with Summer flowers at their peak.  It was a perfect wedding day - down by the riverside.

I had a wonderful time with Kirsty and Chris and their lovely families, some of my favourite photographs of the year, and so much love for the big Love..!  Thank you everyone for making me so welcome - what an awesome day...

Friars Carse Wedding Photography

Nicola and Shane's Clint Lodge Wedding Photography

Borders Wedding Photography | Clint Lodge Wedding | Scott's View Wedding Photography

Nicola and Shane travelled from Australia for their wedding in the Scottish Borders, and as soon as I met up with them and their lovely friends and family I knew it was going to be a wonderful day - more like fun than work!  And that's exactly how it went, a fantastically fun day, where I was in my element, the light was great, the weather held; it was a truly wonderful Scottish Borders wedding.  

From Clint Lodge to Scott's View, and some special places in between... we knocked the couple shots for six, and returned for some very touching speeches, then rocked into the night.  So - Nicola and Shane's Clint Lodge Borders Wedding - here we go..!

Sara & Gary's Auchen Castle Wedding Photography

Auchen Castle Wedding | Duncan Ireland Photography

Come rain or shine - sun or showers - we always get great photographs!

One thing's for sure, when it starts to rain - things get interesting.  And interesting means more scope for photographs - so pick up your umbrellas - put your wellies on and bring the rain…

Elise & Neil's Dryburgh Abbey Borders Wedding Photography

Borders Wedding Photography | Dryburgh Abbey Hotel Wedding Photography

Dryburgh Abbey Hotel Wedding

Ashley & John's Riverside Wedding Photography

Riverside Wedding Photography | Duncan Ireland Photography | Borders Wedding Photographer

Babbling water, river running, blue skies and sun shining, swifts on the wing, warm Summer breeze.  Hand-in-hand along the riverside - to hidden glades, soft angled light; deep along the river's winding path.

A splash of summer - in the lush surroundings of the Dumfries and Galloway countryside…

Ruth and Steven's Stunning Springkell Wedding Photography

Springkell House Wedding | Borders Wedding Photography

Sometimes wedding photography is simplicity itself.  The light is perfect, the emotion runs high, the lovely people are ...lovely, everything falls effortlessly into place, and I smile to myself - thinking - this really is a perfect day!

So here is, with very little introduction needed - Ruth and Steven's perfect Springkell wedding…

Springkell Wedding Photography | Borders Wedding Photography

Thank you both so, so much - what a wonderful day - I'm so pleased I was there with you.  

Cameron and Emma's Solway Wedding Photography

Solway Wedding | Borders Wedding Photography | Duncan Ireland

Wedding Marquee Marvellousness | And Love Love Love

Cameron and Emma's wedding whisked me away to the Solway - with majestic marquee light, twinkling piano, sparking laughter and big blue skies.  …And the kind of romantic evening light that makes you want to dance the night away.

Kat & Ed's Tipi Wedding Wonder

Scottish Tipi Wedding Photography

A riot of colour, delightful sound, vibrant personalities, warm humour, twinkling lights, soulful singing and jump up & down dancing…

Scottish Tipi Wedding

Colour, more colour, delightful details, lush visuals, a tear - here and there, laughter, a selfie or two, love, friends, and glowing faces from far flung places.  ...A wonderful day to be part of,  thanks so much for having me along guys. 


Kelly & Garry's Comlongon Castle Wedding

Kelly & Garry Comlongon Castle Wedding Photography

The day that every couple wishes for their wedding - golden sun, blue sky, the peak of Summer - foxgloves, the lush verdant greens of a Scottish Castle Wedding… wonderful!

Westsound Wedding 2015 | Kelly & Garry | Comlongon Castle

So many treasured memories, and a fantastic welcome from Kelly and Garry's lovely families… thank you guys, it was a joy to spend the day with you - what a beautiful wedding!

Cassie & Matthew's Shieldhill Castle Wedding Photography

Shieldhill Castle …we will, we will rock you!

We'd scouted for locations, we'd talked through plans, we were ready - and it was time to Rock!

The Summer just gets better and better, thank you Cassie and Matt - your wedding was so much fun, thank you for having me along.  Here we go…
Shieldhill Castle Wedding Photography

Nicola & Graham's Comlongon and Crichton Wedding Photography

Comlongon Castle Wedding Crichton Church Wedding Photography

Comlongon Castle Wedding Photography

Kayleigh & Graeme's Cocoa Bean Wedding

Twynholm Cocoa Bean Wedding Photography

Lauren & Jonathan's Orroland Lodge Wedding Photography

Orroland Wedding Photographer - Solway Wedding Photography

Sometimes things come together to create a day so perfect, it feels impossible to capture anything but beautiful images…One of my favourite weddings to date with an uplifting couple, and one of my favourite venues - hidden away in the timeless tranquility of the Solway.

Orroland Lodge Wedding Photography

Melanie & Lewis' Auchen Castle Wedding Photography

Auchen Castle Wedding

I frequently see a wedding day bring out the very best in people. Their character and generosity of spirit shines through. But from time to time I'm especially moved...

So when, in the middle of the day (their day) Melanie and Lewis stepped out of being centre of attention to rally their room full of guests to sing Happy Birthday to their wedding photographer... it was a very humbling experience, demonstrating what an incredibly genuine couple they are. 

Thank you very much guys.

Auchen Castle Wedding Photography

Bryony & Rory's Caerlaverock Castle Wedding

Caerlaverock Castle Wedding Photographer | Dumfries and Galloway

Scottish Castle Wedding Photography is always exciting - and Caerlaverock brings a rugged mix of turrets, moats and cannon, softened by the swallows sweeping overhead, lush meadow surroundings and the backing soundscape of the Solway Coast.

But the special meaning of the day wasn't in the background - it was found in the details... Bryony's veil, passed down from her Mum's wedding day, and a dress that was a perfect match; time taken out to look after their guests with tea cakes and iron bru! Hand-crafted touches and sharing the day with their chinchillas!

Debbie and Chris' Askham Hall Wedding Photography

Askham Hall Wedding Photographer | Cumbrian Barn Wedding

With a couple this lovely, and a venue so gorgeous, Debbie and Chris' Askham wedding was always going to be stunning.  

And it was a beautiful day - but the really awesome thing that bowled me over were the wonderful moments of emotion.  You just didn't know where the next joyful tear was going to come from…

A visual treat with exquisite light, blossom blooming, fairy lights twinkling, and the golden daffodils matched by the warmth of the evening sun on a perfect Spring day.

Faye & Alan's Lodore Lake District Wedding

Lake District Wedding Photographer | Lodore Falls Hotel Wedding

Many aspects of a wedding day defy imagination, until you're there to experience them.  

I often wonder at the old expression 'giving away your daughter', it's impossible to know that heightened mixture of emotions - seldom felt or expressed, until you're there.  There, as all eyes fall on the bride, it's just possible for the onlookers not to notice the unique tenderness, glowing pride and occasional tear - from Dad.  

A very special moment in every wedding - and I have no idea how it feels, but after seeing Terry walking Faye down the aisle - I can imagine a whole lot clearer…

Congratulations Faye and Alan, it was a magical, sincere and emotional day - and a real joy to be there with you.

Duncan Ireland Photography - Fearless and Proud

Fearless Photographers Award - Collection 26

I'm delighted to have just been awarded a Fearless Award for my dancing shadows image from Gail and Scott's wedding, last year at Melville Castle.

I was struck by the shapes of the dancing guests on the ceiling of the wedding marquee. 

It took a few attempts to get a clean composition with good separation between each dancer to make a recognisable scene.  But when I saw the image preview I knew it was just what I was after.  Those gorgeous green and white lanterns give an accent of colour, and enough context to make the abstract work.

Fearless Collections are awarded every two months - the winning images are drawn from thousands, or tens of thousands of images, worldwide… so I'm very chuffed - thank you very much Fearless.

Scottish Wedding Photographer, Melville Castle Photographer, Fearless Photographer

Jennifer and Scott ~ Spring time at Springkell

Spring has arrived - And it's a wonderful thing…

Borders Wedding Photographer

Green shoots emerging, and snow drops blossoming, sprinkled rose petals, hearty breakfasts, fast cars and racing pulses…  A spectacular dress - tied with a bow, Pink Champagne to steady the nerves (and bring a few giggles : )  

Joanne & Mack's Springkell Wedding

Outside was wild and windy, but inside the warmth of Joanne and Mack's day shone, with glowing smiles, magical moments and whimsical window light…

Springkell Wedding

So many perfect moments, that were gifts for reportage wedding photography.  ...Joanne's Dad's look of excited anticipation during the morning's preparations, the effect of bagpipes on little ears, perfectly soft light on the stairs before the ceremony.  

Heather & Drew's Winter Wedding Warmth

Best of Scottish Wedding Photographers | Duncan Ireland Photography

A Scottish Winter Wedding to warm your heart…

The wonderful thing about Winter weddings that always excites me is the light… light that blends cool seasonal hues with warm afternoon sunlight…  The results can be truly magical.

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