Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Anna & Paul's St. Mary's-Greyfriars' Church & Hetland Hall Wedding, Dumfries

Anna & Paul's beautiful March wedding... in Dumfries... in the snow!

For March - snow was ... kind of unexpected, but Anna looked amazing and the wedding day was wonderful.  For a Dumfries wedding photographer, it was gusty, slippery, and the drifts over the A75 to Hetland Hall were ... ominous.  But Dumfriesshire looked beautiful in the unexpected whiteout; Anna didn't let the snow phase her at all - there was no shortage of warmth and love all around.  And the roaring fire meeting everyone at Hetland Hall was a welcome sight.

From first light the wedding preparations had sprung into action - Anna's Dad was out shovelling show from St Mary's-Greyfriars' steps.  I set off an hour early - with a shovel added to my usual kit, in case of emergency.  And when I arrived in Dumfries for Anna's wedding preparation photographs it was lovely to familiar faces - Anna and all her family as well as Fiona, with Anna's gorgeous flowers, and Laura expertly doing the girls' make-up.  It was also great to meet Jon, who styled the girls' hair amazingly.  

Congratulations Anna and Paul - here's a selection of my favourite images from your wedding day…

St Mary's-Greyfriars Church Wedding
Hetland Wedding Dumfries and Galloway
Hetland Hall Wedding Line up fun

It was great to get a chance to photograph a wedding at Hetland Hall - my first opportunity to do so.  I had a couple of 'Bambi on ice' moments (I don't think anyone saw) and more snow ended up in my socks than should have been possible - but it was so worth it !

Congratulations Anna and Paul.

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