Ashley & John's Riverside Wedding Photography

Riverside Wedding Photography | Duncan Ireland Photography | Borders Wedding Photographer

Babbling water, river running, blue skies and sun shining, swifts on the wing, warm Summer breeze.  Hand-in-hand along the riverside - to hidden glades, soft angled light; deep along the river's winding path.

A splash of summer - in the lush surroundings of the Dumfries and Galloway countryside…

Ruth and Steven's Stunning Springkell Wedding Photography

Springkell House Wedding | Borders Wedding Photography

Sometimes wedding photography is simplicity itself.  The light is perfect, the emotion runs high, the lovely people are ...lovely, everything falls effortlessly into place, and I smile to myself - thinking - this really is a perfect day!

So here is, with very little introduction needed - Ruth and Steven's perfect Springkell wedding…

Springkell Wedding Photography | Borders Wedding Photography

Thank you both so, so much - what a wonderful day - I'm so pleased I was there with you.  

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