Thursday, 30 April 2015

Faye & Alan's Lodore Lake District Wedding

Lake District Wedding Photographer | Lodore Falls Hotel Wedding

Many aspects of a wedding day defy imagination, until you're there to experience them.  

I often wonder at the old expression 'giving away your daughter', it's impossible to know that heightened mixture of emotions - seldom felt or expressed, until you're there.  There, as all eyes fall on the bride, it's just possible for the onlookers not to notice the unique tenderness, glowing pride and occasional tear - from Dad.  

A very special moment in every wedding - and I have no idea how it feels, but after seeing Terry walking Faye down the aisle - I can imagine a whole lot clearer…

Congratulations Faye and Alan, it was a magical, sincere and emotional day - and a real joy to be there with you.

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