Thursday, 12 April 2018

Here’s the thing about wedding albums…

You know that question about running into a burning building - what would you save..?

How many times is the answer ~ "the treasured family photographs".

Well heck, it’s the 21st century - we have the cloud now!! - But, here's why your wedding album should still be an essential consideration…

Digital images are great - they're convenient and you can share them the world over.  But the romance of holding a printed image in your hands - the luxurious feel of a handcrafted wedding album is an altogether more personal and permanent experience.  

Your album is unique, not a thing just anyone can buy off the shelf - it’s a collection of memories - culminating from all the decisions you made for your perfect day.  It's a tactile experience that brings your images to life.

Hold those memories in your hand and re-live your day time after time - and over time you’ll find that you’re holding not just a collection of photographs, but your most personal family heirloom.

Duncan's Top 6 Tips for Awesome Wedding Albums:

1. Tell the story

~ link the epic moments with detail shots and story-telling images which weave a narrative of the day.

2. Your first selection doesn’t have to be final

~ when choosing which photographs to include - a helpful photographer should allow you to revisit your selection once you see the first draft - after-all, it’s your forever memento…

3. Go big for impact

~ a well proportioned page layout will allow the stand-out photographs space to shine.

4. Make the cover as individual as the content

~ ask about cover options, colours, materials - match the colour to the theme of your day, your bridesmaid's dresses or draw inspiration from the season - let your creativity flow.

5.  See the results before you decide

~ experience how a sample feels; the crafting of the cover, the touch of the paper - the vibrance of the printing.  Check them out, in your hands and I guarantee you’ll know an album is for you.

6. The perfect gift

~ you know your first anniversary is paper right..!  What finer gift to each other.  Or the ideal wedding present for family and friends to contribute toward.

And just one more thing… don’t ever run back into a burning building - I mean seriously - the cloud for back up and your insurance for a new album - that's all you need ;)

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