Friday, 4 July 2014

Wendy & Scott's Comlongon Castle Wedding Photography

Comlongon Castle Wedding Photographer | Westsound Wedding Competition

This year's Westsound Wedding Competition has been such a great experience to be part of.  Wendy and Scott are a lovely couple, and their wedding day was filled with smiles, laughter, an outdoor ceremony, with the magnificent backdrop of Comlongon Castle!

The light was soft, the foxgloves were at their peak, swallows darted above us, and in a magnificent finale to the day the sky erupted into blue!

Congratulations Wendy and Scott - here's your day in pictures...

Piper Comlongon
Westsound Wedding 2014
Westsound Wedding Competition
Comlongon Castle Outdoor Wedding Ceremony
West Sound Radio Wedding Competition
Westsound Wedding Comlongon
Dumfries & Galloway Castle Wedding
Westsound Wedding Comlongon Castle
Comlongon Wedding Photography
Comlongon Wedding Photographer
Westsound Wedding Competition Photographer
Westsound Wedding Competition Photography
Comlongon Wedding
Comlongon Castle Wedding

Thank you to all the Westsound Radio team for inviting me along and Congratulations Wendy and Scott - on your wonderful Comlongon Wedding.

I'm very proud to have been part of your day…

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