Friday, 12 September 2014

Liz & Martin's Springkell Wedding Photography

Springkell Wedding Photography by Borders Wedding Photographer Duncan Ireland
Springkell Wedding Photography

"What can we say, just awesome; we love them!"
~  Martin & Liz  ~

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Springkell Wedding
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Springkell Wedding
Springkell Mansion House Wedding
Springkell Wedding
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Springkell Scottish Borders Wedding Photography
Springkell Wedding Photography
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Springkell Gardens

Springkell Mansion House South Scotland Weddings

Martin & Liz' Springkell wedding - stunning location, the beginnings of autumn colour, chasing the light through the grounds of the house, confetti in your hair… 

…to a carpet of (the delightfully named) Devil's-bit Scabious, the delicate blue flower, adorning Springkell's Lime avenue.   The day just kept getting better and better, so much scope for creativity, I was in my element...  

Congratulations Liz and Martin - what a stunning day, and what an awesome couple you make.

Thank you for having me along.

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